sky, earth

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things i miss

  • smiley face stickers in elementary school
  • playing on the playground
  • jumping on trampolines
  • my 3rd grade teacher
  • playing runescape

things ppl said to me

  • im gonna buy 500 bananas and take off all the peels and when ur sleeping im gonna wrap you up in the peels and you’ll be my baby banana but then ur gonna get black spots and all brown and mushy and i won’t want you anymore
  • -
  • you're like a vacuum cleaner with an eating disorder
  • Ok i guess i lied u were cringe ... Middle class suburban teenagers entering the void


  • story mfg
  • lsdworldpeace
  • nonfood
  • sky ferreira
  • liquid sky


  • hausu, gummo, fallen angels
  • gaspar noe, wong kar wai, yorgos lanthimos


  • the desert and its vast openness, emptiness,
  • fog anything
  • reflections
  • translucence
  • the sky and everything in it

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