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08.25.20 for the first time in a long time im optimistic, and it feels good. 06.13.20 i noticed today that a drawing, a plan oblique sketch of our neighborhood that i had made for my father, was still on his desk. he goes through many things on his desk, and has a love for his paper-shredder, so this was a lovely sight this morning. thinking of naming my future architecture firm: naheweitarchitecture. 06.06.20 +---------+ | | | | | | +---------------------+---------+---------------+ | | +-----+-------+--------+-------+-------+-----+--+ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-----+-------+--------+-------+-------+-----+--+ | | | | +----+------+------+---------------+-+------+---+ | | | | | | | | | | | | + +------+---------------+-+ + 05.28.20 watched cinema paradiso with my parents tonight. kind of feel-goody- was expecting somethin a bit heavier. 05.22.20 it was my sister's birthday today, and my mom's gift to her was a set of small korean pastels and a nice pad of paper. the pastels were so cute and small, and i kind of hope that they remain unused. i like storing unused art supplies better than using them. 05.05.20 hit my head against one of my bosses' sculptures. it leaned into the wall, leaving a bright little scuff (it is painted with fluorescent paint on one face). i started rubbing it with my sleeve, but that just left a pale red patch. began using a rag, which left grey streaks. finally turned to paper towels- which worked ok. now trying to decide if worth it to dab a little white on the spot. once one begins to paint, you cannot stop. 05.04.20 places i'd like to live in: https://www.lacatonvassal.com/index.php?idp=25 https://bast0.com/M21 https://architectendvvt.com/projects/rot-ellen-berg/75/house/built/2/ http://www.gigon-guyer.ch/en/buildings/residential/#g-2017 https://www.atelierkempethill.com/0078-drug-addicts-hotel/#6 https://www.meilipeterpartner.ch/en/projects/selection/#/portfolio/park-hyatt-zurich/
  • monopoly - danny brown
  • dots and loops - stereolab