dougvacs, Malta

hello i'd like to be a scientist one day i like physics, even if people say it's boring... i also like books! <*> <*> / /_ \_____/

Books I like

  • (Albert Camus - The Plague)
  • (Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
  • (William Gibson - Neuromancer)
  • (Richard Feynman - Six Easy Pieces)
  • (George R.R. Martin - Tuf Voyaging)
  • (Dan Abnett - Eisenhorn Omnibus)

Manga I like

  • anything by junji ito

Stuff I'm learning about

  • french
  • group, rings, fields and combinatorics (maths)
  • electricity, magnetism, optics, classical mechanics and waves (physics)
  • doodling

Movies I like

  • the matrix trilogy
  • almost any marvel film (except the guardians of the galaxy ones)
  • the john wick series

Stuff I'd like to do

  • go to france one day
  • take up a martial art
  • write a book
  • make a game
  • contribute to science :D