▹9/29 You're pathetic, yes you. ▹9/24 hello hello goodbye goodbye ▹9/18 the way he looked at me :) ▹9/8 You got an answer, and that’s what you were looking for. All you want to do is respond with a laugh and ask “oh? was that all?” ▹9/1 Movin'on ova ▹8/12 You know what? Can I be honest with you for a sec? I'm annoyed its been 2 years since the promise of season 2 of the witcher and I did NOT read the entire series to find out a majority of the next season takes place at kaer morhen. YENNIFER SURVIVES SODDEN HILL, she's alive she just pissed off. ▹8/10 Ye thought I was done wit'ye eh? ▹7/27 Stop the ride! I’m gonna throw up ▹7/18 Burrata ▹7/17 Thinking about existence is like sticking your hand under hot water and seeing how long you can stand to keep it there ▹7/16 Duke tax ▹5/29 So good it doesn’t feel real ▹5/25 Nyc still empty ▹5/19 Worst day of my fucking life. ▹5/16 You're like good water pressure in a cold, rainy summer ▹5/15 Are bonsai trees allowed in checked bags? ▹5/14 You cheated ▹5/13 No offense, but do you think we can skip this part? ▹5/12 VeeVee <3 ▹5/11 69 ▹3/24 Can you believe George Clooney was in spykids? ▹3/08 THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE ▹3/07 An you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house ▹3/06 It’s been a week already? ▹2/29 Do not bend ▹2/28 Get a hobby, get a kite ▹2/24 I devoured the card you gave me in an animalistic ritual in hopes to gain the energy wasted in writing it ▹2/27 Mirrors edge 2 had the potential to be so good, biggest let down of 2016. ▹2/26 (Ergo) Mouth ▹2/24 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ▹2/24 I hear an ominous hum outside my window so distant and high pitched, it mimics what I imagine a choir of angels would sound like, but like the weird eyeball wheel angels, with six wings. None of that evangelical shit. ▹2/24 Fuck you, you’re still a bad person ▹2/16 herbs and spices ▹2/15 put eggs in your hair ▹2/14 Wesley So ▹2/12 Why am I obsessed with bleaching fail videos ▹2/11 Very gay today ▹2/10 When you're playing the kings Indian and you respond with the Pirc Defense, The ai responded with the Austrian attack. I beat them the first time when they respond light squared bishop Be2, then you can immediately attack the d4 pawn. But the ai learned to play the dark squared bishop to Be3, you MUST move Ng5 to eventually trade. ▹2/9 is a pleasure to have in class ▹2/8 It's not a secret, I've known since like December. ▹2/4 Waking up is just an excuse to eat eggs Eating eggs is just an excuse to eat cheese The rest of our time is spent waiting to do it all again tomorrow ▹2/3 birthday email ▹2/2 What about an email? ▹2/1 Verily I say unto you, the era of the sword and axe is nigh, the era of the wolf's blizzard. The Time of the White Chill and the White Light is nigh, the Time of Madness and the Time of Contempt: Tedd Deireádh, the Time of End. The world will die amidst frost and be reborn with the new sun. It will be reborn of Elder Blood, of Hen Ichaer, of the seed that has been sown. A seed which will not sprout but burst into flame. Watch for the signs! What signs these shall be, I say unto you: first the earth will flow with the blood of Aen Seidhe, the Blood of Elves ▹1/24 Day 6- we’re running out of food, crew-mates starting to get suspicious ▹12/21 Bon-sai ⇨ cute stunted tree Bon-zai ⇨ war cry ▹12/19 Beat 1200 Elo ai ▹12/17 Hey. hey: nique, nique, s’en allait tout simplement, Routier, pauvre et chantant, En tous chemins, en tous lieux Il ne palre que de toi Il ne palre que de toi ▹12/14 “I know exactly who I am—I am the sister of a rotten, jealous, mean little sneak. You cost me my only friends, you ruined my life-“ ▹12/11 The slav defense is more fun than queens gambit declined ♟︎ ♞ ♟︎ ♙♙ ♘ ▹4/6 I’m taking a break from animal crossing, but I’m in so much debt, Tom Nook is gonna break my thumbs. ▹4/3 why can’t I just have the second season of the Witcher ▹3/31 y’all got legs? ▹3/23 My rock arms are turning into pancake arms ▹3/20 We can all get through this. We’re all going to be okay. ▹3/18 Abandon ship ▹3/17 ╖ ╥ ╥╔═╗╔═╕╥ ╥ ╒═╦═╕╥╔═╦═╗╔═╕ ║ ║ ║║ ║║ ╠═╣ ║ ║║ ║ ║╠╡ ╚═╛╚═╝╨ ╨╚═╛╨ ╨ ╨ ╨╨ ╨╚═╛ Want is selfish, to fade away, Blend into the background, spilled and slowly bleeds into paper, Documents, soaked, discarded, And I wonder, what it became, Disregarded. I awoke, I couldn’t believe, What I became. And what waste, investing in grandeur. The best future for my liquid soul, to make it’s way back into the earth, Mixed with water, Then I was everywhere, Forever

Top 5 numbers

  • 3
  • 22
  • 98
  • 15
  • 8


  • 𓀂𓁉𓀳𓀸𓁪𓅛𓃚𓁄𓀟𓀣
  • 𓀢𓀓𓀒𓀡𓀟𓀠𓀤
  • ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ
  • ( ˘ ³˘(◡‿◡˶)
  • ᕠ( ᐛ )و ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ ┗(ᐖ )┓ ☆゚°˖* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  • (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*) .。.:*♡

Some phrases in Simlish I find inspiring

  • “Choo wagga choo choo!” - Something in the way!
  • “Fleny Fleny” - Get out, I really gotta tinkle!
  • “Oh Feebee Lay!” - I'm Hungry!
  • “Fretishe Miza” - Everything is in the way