Ariel, Brooklyn, New York

6/13/2020 I am off of work until 7/1. Been reading "A Little Life." And went on a hike with my friend yesterday, we havent seen each other since February before COVID. It felt so good to be face to face, to have pauses in conversation, and to act on a whim, like go skateboarding in the parking lot after our hike... can't do that on zoom. // May 27, 2020 Holy shit! I love living in a world where I can tweet Rami of Vlambeer to say thank you for the 400+ hours of joy playing Nuclear Throne, and then get retweeted by JW of Vlambeer! It warms my heart to be in quarantine, play endless NT alone but not alone, in the community of others who love to play games, and without separation from the artists who created the games. &lt;3 What an age! // May 20, 2020 Playing Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer is like surfing an algorithm. It's not so much a game as a chance to feel the flow. Like swimming in the ocean. You just do it. In zazen one is trained to <i> think "not-think"</i>. This training, while sitting, is always possible. Let the mind run as it does, watch your internal processing system process, and think not-think. Action. With instinct and experience, you know what to do. Today, using Crystal, arguably the simplest character, to begin with, I had the pleasure of unlocking the final post-loop crown. Getting to L2 is not simple, but when you don't think about it, it's nothing at all.

Favorite things to do with Alfredo, my lil old Pekingese

  • feed him chicken by hand, piece by piece
  • flip him on his back to rub his belly
  • stretch his lips when he is asleep to look at his terrible plaque
  • chase him around the house when he is in the mood, once a day, for a game of hide and seek

Things I did because I vowed NOT to play nuclear throne today

  • went for a walk outside and found shelter in the rain
  • watched a Japanese movie called "Dreams"
  • took a nap