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27/03 h and i are out of london and living at my cousin's. keeping to ourselves / isolating but a said things will tend more towards communal living eventually. a bought seeds so we'll be able to help with the garden in due course. trying to think of ways i can help ppl back in london. what do i have better access to out here? will i become the seed connect? do ppl need batteries? other small things that can be posted? anything else i haven't thought of? (maybe the best you can do is just send money). are ppl willing to consider and prepare for / mitigate worst-case scenarios? hard to help ppl if they won't entertain the ways you might be able to help them. it's hard to know exactly where ppl are at with things right now. i tried to meet up with s in the marshland last weekend. i felt ready for productive conversation. he said he wasn't going to have his phone with him, but then i couldn't see him at the place we agreed to meet. with no way to contact him, i eventually left. as much as i like to spend time away from my phone, it seemed so naive to me that he decided to take the risk of going phone-less at this time, at what ended up being our last chance to meet face to face. it's heart-breaking when you start to recognise some ppl's idealism for a kind of self-sabotage. maybe i'm reading too much into this. need to stay flexible. ppl will come to terms with things in their own time. it feels good to be proactive. might make a google doc or spreadsheet of some recipes and ideas for things to do while stuck inside to share with friends. wanna make a website too. plenty of other stuff to go on with

jelly fish


dream detail

  • 24/02 the invention of plaid
  • 26/02 metallic blue packaging
  • 27/02 forest floor mycelium people
  • 01/03 a library, dirt, moss, a broken bridge, fixed a roof
  • 02/03 puppies
  • 08/03 yelling: 'get on with it', singing: 'get out of the room'

dream detail pt. 2

  • 11/03 text from p: 'you are the problem, get help', etc.
  • 25/03 d running stall on beach, filling pie dishes with random items, making pies with magic
  • 30/03 celebrating the end of the world like it was new year's eve, people grabbing and kissing each other, some kind of alien-sent machine burning holes in and dismantling the sky

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