October 19 I tried to read "Under the Volcano." And I failed. (haha) June 9 (Just kidding, using dates) ------------------------------------- | | | a cleanse: | | no social media | | no alcohol | | no drugs | | no wasting time | | | ------------------------------------- I want to know what's been going on with me lately. But I need to accept: it's mysterious. Favorite listening right now: nts.live/shows/all-styles-all-smiles Favorite food right now: chocolate cake. But I shouldn't. ------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | WARNING | | Accelerating out of journal mode and | | into undated entry mode. | | No more dates and no more times. | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------- ATTN! GUEST AUTHOR: -------------------------------- Wednesday March 4: This site is the best and what you see is what you get. -------------------------------- Sunday February 28: This is becoming an end of the month ritual because I'm too busy and forgetful. I just bookmarked Special Fish in my browser to help me remember to spend more time on here. I have little collections of objects on my desk. To make the month feel new I'm going to move them around. I have some pins that look like the earth that a coworker sent to me. I have a cigarette that I found on the ground, unsmoked, after a delivery man came and left my building. I don't smoke but I like to look at it. I have some perfume bottles that I don't like to look at, and maybe I should consider putting the perfume in better bottles. I have a statuette of Ned Flanders holding the Bible. I have a tiny globe in a clear plastic shell that my mother kept on her desk in grade school. I have a playing card that is very ordinary. I have some stamps and little pieces of paper that are a nice size. I have a postcard from the Pompidou center in Metz. I have a photo of the ocean in a clear plastic laminated page that I found while hiking on a trail in the Catskills. I have an envelope with a magazine in it and a nice note written on it. I have a wooden or maybe aux-wooden tape dispenser. I have a tall ugly candle in a glass ashtray (that my roommate wants to smoke out of but I won't let her). I have photos of my girlfriend in a plastic frame. I have a bag of tiny people that I think they use in architectural models. And I have a red bowl that my sister sculpted when she was like five years old. Seriously it is so cool and I think some of the best ceramics/art I have ever seen, period. It's the kind of thing that when I move I am carrying over to my new apartment by hand, I'd never pack it in a box. She carved her name into the bottom of it and misspelled her own name, which is also really great and makes it even more valuable to me. Sunday, January 31: Tonight there was a fight on my street corner. I watched it happen, although I knew I was rubbernecking and it wasn't any of my business anyway. One guy had a baseball bat and it seemed like his entire family was out on the street corner. I think they were worried he was going to get hurt. A little boy was standing in the snow with no shoes on. I kept looking to see if maybe he was wearing shoes, but I think he wasn't. The police came after a few minutes, and sent everyone home. I think it was probably a good thing they did because both of the men wanted to keep fighting each other. Sunday, January 10: It is snowing in Texas, but the snow is melting before it hits the ground, so it is just a soft rain. I have two hungry dogs and they want my honey nut cheerios. I am probably going to give them some. Thursday, January 7: I'm here on Special Fish. Thursday, November 19: Watching a firetruck from a long way away is a disconcerting experience. They’re rushing to an emergency very very slowly, and you get a sense of how small and insignificant any response to a real emergency is. Just a tiny truck on the horizon rolling slowly toward the fire.

ideal day

  • riding my bike
  • the smell of burning firewood
  • living somewhere where you can smell firewood burn
  • feeding cereal to your dog
  • coffee --> paper cup

running list of favorite emojis

  • the desert island
  • the shooting star-in-a-box
  • any of the "not real" emojis that are in boxes are great
  • the bowling ball and pins
  • the fuzzy ant

space for friends

  • https://soundcloud.com/socialcrime