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I made collages back then

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by cindy

dipping a pitcher into the ocean

home 1991 dog lucia tks muthlabben mai5e brockmsockm colorwheel larcher minji paul p_d823 puff hunter iand.t djl kenny unc0nfused onelegger wolf joshua dragonquest yara elene jenn _-_-_-_-_-_-_ nezu badweather weiweiwei33 trudy ppeegg maxwell menlo poppy cd_ virginia_mur madi sean_muscles vida lux diogo_o_peixe network beatrice niko low tsak rayhan bettywang436 bot luna tjalve wish-wish football pinkskies adam m_y tammer desmond j.e.s decryption krg melvin_maple guata eel jean spambastard paintcan newpoete tomcritchlow kristoff liz funnyweirdo anhs o_o stuffedmeow eric piper zorka kevinsan ezekiel zane simon bird jalabagel cole khaos kibbe licorice tokyo mochan baikal maaaaaaaaaatt moonside splats neen matt

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the waves were laughing at us

by stuffedmeow

i want to see all the bridges
you got th i s

We publish to our websites. Our medium is the web. There's endless potential here, wwwe just lost our way a little. Playing in the tide pools.

shimmering in the sunlight

fuck web3. love real life

elliott wtf you ruined special fish forever. who wants to invest 1 million dollars in web0?