11 Pro 256gb

update I got 30€ *¨^* work grocery shop. Woman 28€ phone is out of power. charger? no. well dressed, , ''lives around the corner'' child eats groceries - not paid for. I pay for her, me the cashier. I give , haven't received anything yet. baguette, soup, appels, oat milk iPhone 15 pro max *.;* blazer, shirt, hair wax negroni negroni fernet branca vermouth i'm going home now they weren't even on the way. *.´* i've eaten an apple i've eaten the house too the stem is hidden in my sock. *¨.* every curriculum vitae fresh, young guy in my twenties are you a wolf or a lion he asks im aquarius hired *'.* hash mikkelsen performance respekt tatted on my neck *..* det blir sårn at jeg bander og svovler i got dam palermo. *+,* im the one Who farted On the Flixbus. *^.*


  • read newspaper every morning
  • quit instagram
  • stopped drinking too much
  • actively listening to music
  • got into poetry
  • sleep well
  • no phone days
  • long walks
  • biking around
  • started dating
  • dropped out
  • moving to a new city


  • Bagland - Jacob Sørensen
  • Ants From Up There - Black Country, New Road
  • When - Vincent Gallo
  • Tag Eins Tag Zwei - Nils Frahm
  • Shades of... - Gray
  • The Return of the East Atlanta Santa - Gucci Mane

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