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i like the home page. like sitting down in a big room. whom i sitting next to today? -20200203 heeje's princess -20200305 =========================================== Message Board (Active during February 2020) 2.11.2020 @ 4:54:32 ===================== Hai Taichi! Hope the onigiri was good~ @m4rk3r 2.17.2020 @ 15:29 ===================== Hey Taichi! Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook. I was recently looking up the phrase "mackerel sky"... so beautiful! Is mackerel your favorite fish? @laurel 2.18.2020 @ 11:19 ===================== Hi Taichi! Hope your day is good. I saw you said "water my plants, moisturize, refill humidifier." Do you moisturize your plants...? Just curious. Also, I use a humidifier as well. @mummy_wheat333 2.18.2020 @ 11:19 ===================== Good evening, Taichi! I had dinner with my neighbours at the fish shop near across the street tonight. They served me saba. It was delicious. Thought of you and this guestbook. And of mackerel sky. Hope you are doing well. @brixton ============= hi taichi ! hope you're well ! im at work right now browsing and im happy to be sitting near u in the fish bowl 2.22.2020 @ 1:17 @lovelag ==================== wow, thank you for all the messages... i'm doing well! @m4rk3r the onigiri was good, it really hit the spot at 1am haha. @windmill mackerel is my favorite fish right now. it's affordable and can be easy to prepare, but so tasty. thanks for the new vocab! @mummywheat333 i usually aim the humidifier at my plants, but when i'm feeling congested, i point it at my bed. @brixton your dinner sounds like a dream! @lovelag good luck at work! 3.5.2020 @ 12:51 @taichi


  • Crush by Coco and Clair Clair --
  • Nite Jewels, a 26-hour playlist by Tobias Gale --
  • Utakata No Hibi by Mariah --うたかたの日々-Utakata-No-Hibi/release/7490374
  • "A Taste of Honey" by Paul Desmond
  • garden playlist @}--,--'--- -- by m4rk3r --

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all i know is

  • charge my phone
  • drink grapefruit juice
  • water my plants, moisturize, refill humidifier