Earth's Orbit.

STARDATE 20200528.1 =================== First contact. The message simply reads, "Hodor". STARDATE 20200529.1 =================== Commenced reading Dark Mirror by Barton Gellman (Edward Snowden and the Surveillance State). I may chronicle choice quotes from the book here. STARDATE 20200529.2 =================== Dark Mirror by Barton Gellamn > "Twice, after that, I traveled to join him [Snowden] in Moscow for marathon conversations fueled by room service facsimiles of American fast food. He eats with an engineer's logic, ice cream first, because hamburgers don't melt." I did audibly lol. BTW, if I laugh in space and nobody is around to hear me, did I actually laugh? Yes. STARDATE 20200529.2 Supplemental -------------------------------- No markdown syntax enabled here :sadface: I'll add it anyways in case it is added at a future date :happyface: STARDATE 20200602.1 -------------------------------- Orbiting Earth: I note that Earth is ablaze, more so than normal, particularly in the USA. I hear chanting. George Floyd. STARDATE 20200602.1 Supplemental -------------------------------- I note that there is a character limit for Logs on Fish. So it won't be useful as a diary, beyond a few weeks of entries. Might as well stop now. I'm not entirely sure what Fish is, but the limits are...limiting (for me).