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good morningeveningafternoon thinking about all the little bits n pieces that are so important to me but you can’t even hold them in your hands because you don’t try you don’t want to I don’t understand, do you not want my bits n pieces ? I wish I knew I can get so insecure and just think think think think think think think /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ I want to sleep for ever and ever. But before I crawl under my covers with my teeth unbrushed and body uncleansed, I want my thoughts to sink to the bottom of the ocean on the floor bed of the sea. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ My teeth will rot in my sleep and disintegrate. I will wake up with no teeth, all tongue and bad breath. Breath that’s so warm and hot it hurts! Mouth stink sting, let’s go swimming!


  • helicopter *•* deerhunter
  • quiet? night? of? quiet? stars? stan getz
  • it always rains on a picnic<\3 modest mouse :]
  • house/\shape mount/\eerie
  • chicag0o new York! (the aislers set)
  • #3

Video :o

  • millenium mambo
  • in the mood for wuv rawr xD
  • walden (my favorite)
  • paris, texas {^•^}


  • your name might be ordinary but it’s attached to you you’re so special
  • the birds sing in you before flying south for the winter.
  • then there was a great shift in tradition- yes? no?
  • take me where you think I fit, I am growing taking up space and land,
  • I want to be safe for me and for others, don’t look at me like that I am growing
  • I cannot stop growing.

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