//26.03.20 This is a nice place to relax. I'm exhausted. For the last few hours I've been surfing the internet without a break or a goal. Byte crystals are stuck to my body, drying up slowly. Nice to be here and find time to breathe.
  • [Nathan Melja - Synesthesia (Pariah Remix)](
  • [Ragged Life - my friend is taking drugs (Dj Freud vision)](
  • [Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Brown 'Calling Out'](
  • [The Drums - Money](
  • [Hideto Sasaki - Soultrane](
  • [Reymour - Un Chien de Brigands](
  • Virginie Despentes - Vernon Subutex
  • Johan Harstad - Max, Misha and the Tet Offensive
  • Didier Eribon - Returning to Reims
  • Hermann Hesse - Steppenwolf