auria, San Francisco

she/her ♡ mon sep 21 ♡ today was the first day of my time off of work! I played 5h of video games (factorio) with one of my partners, lay in the sun for a bit, made apple grilled cheese, and wrote after a particular good zoom exercise class feels good to be excited to write -- i wanna make a thing like during my time off - anyone have any ideas for questions to ask on it? first Q is probably gonna be my classic "would you rather be a lil too hot or a lil too cold?" (thank you for your thoughts @altmilan!)

seeking recommendations

  • ♡ poems that make you feel something
  • ♡ graphic novels (preferably with queer characters)

recent listening

  • ♪ loving the harmonies and calming quality
  • ♪ reminds me of wandering barefoot in the grass at hippie music festivals
  • ♪ possibly too catchy, it was stuck in my head for a while and i'm nervous to commit to listening to it again now
  • ♪ "and the quanglewangle plays, in the rain and the snow"
  • ♪

blurring the binary of "long-term" and "short-term" projects

  • ❦ collections of short things (writing a song every day, filling a book with doodles)
  • ❦ iteration (each version of website is complete, but there's lots i could still play with and change)
  • ❦ 🤔

zines i really like


things i think about often and want to write about on my garden

  • energy management, task management, willpower
  • doing scary shit
  • navigating ambiguity
  • different kinds of attraction
  • imbalanced care dynamics
  • curiosity
  • talking about people when they're not around
  • consent and boundaries
  • queerness
  • my relationship to reading