auria, San Francisco

she/her <a href="">send me a picture of your habit/activity/etc tracker!</a> ♡ wed nov 25 ♡ i want to live with a community of friends and partners and kids. i really want it. covid's the fucking worst

some happy objects


seeking recommendations

  • ♡ poems that make you feel something
  • ♡ graphic novels (preferably with queer characters)

recent listening

  • ♪ Bite The Hand by Julien Baker
  • ♪ I Go Crazy (acoustic) by Orla Gartland
  • ♪ Pretending by Orla Gartland (enjoyed the music video)
  • ♪ Ocean by Alice Phoebe Lou

blurring the binary of "long-term" and "short-term" projects

  • ❦ collections of short things (writing a song every day, filling a book with doodles)
  • ❦ iteration (each version of website is complete, but there's lots i could still play with and change)
  • ❦ 🤔

zines i really like