5/23/2022 big cat got his teeth cleaned small cat had the place to herself 3/29/2022 i weigh 15 big cats and 25 small cats 3/21/2022 big cat's spanish name is el grande small cat's spanish name is gatita 9/7/2021 big cat watched water drip small cat bit a pencil 8/28/2021 big cat sat behind the books small cat talked to the birds 8/17/2021 big cat was my alarm clock small cat sat on my belly 8/14/2021 big cat requested two morning meals small cat sniffed a bass guitar 8/11/2021 big cat bit a virginia woolf book small cat yawned as i walked in the door 8/10/2021 big cat slept on my left small cat slept on my right 8/3/2021 big cat leaned on me small cat put her head in a bag 7/1/2021 big cat meowed in the morning small cat meowed in the afternoon 6/30/2021 big cat put his tail in my tea small cat sniffed my nose