2020-04-09 still need to respond to kuromi's email. and kicks'. and talita's. not good at email. very shy. 2020-04-03 have had some mistaken identity already. for reference, i'm not the same chameleon from neocities. sorry. 2020-04-01 i'm very very shy i can't respond to kuromi yet... aaaaaa. i will do some day soon. this is not an april fools. 2020-03-06 they did :) now i need to reply. helluva moment to get shy. 2020-03-05 maybe or maybe not kuromi will respond to my email. idk. I hope so. ---- if you like tarot cards, emo music, cool art, talking about feelings, maybe we can be friends. i has email: japanoise AT seekrit DOT club "helluva catch that catch-22" "are you living in the real world?" when i was young i fell off my skateboard and got a heart-shaped cut on my knee

some songs

  • never meant by american football
  • the breakfast song (live) by sicko
  • dreamgirl by neutral milk hotel

some books

  • Der Einzige
  • Catch-22

im in other places too



  • lucky star
  • nichijou
  • hxh
  • jjba
  • i cannot ask you
  • when, exactly, you plan to leave
  • surely when you do
  • like a single drop of dew
  • i'll vanish from this world
  • (anonymous)