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current fixations

  • kidlat tahimik
  • genshin impact.......
  • 😳 design theory 👍
  • the avalanches' "we will always love you"
  • writing processes
  • systems
  • swiss miss white chocolate

test results

  • my latest korean exam: Not Good
  • MBTI: intp-t
  • wikipediholic test: 494
  • 4th grade social studies test that traumatized me: 17/30
  • which car seat headrest album are you?: teens of denial ( i feel like nervous young man or disjecta membra tho)
  • Quiz: Which Timothée Chalamet Character Is Your Soulmate? Timothée as Kyle in Lady Bird



🎬 lately

  • boyhood, richard linklater
  • himizu, sion sono
  • the case of hana & alice, shunji iwai
  • birdshot, mikhail red
  • manila in the claws of light, lino brocka


  • we will always love you––the avalanches
  • disjecta membra––car seat headrest
  • my rajneesh (the ascension b-side)––sufjan stevens
  • fag patrol––xiu xiu
  • just like the fambly cat––grandaddy
  • chai knees––naked days