If you like writing HTML on Sundays, check out ======== October 24 Watching a 24/7 stream from the cab of a Norwegian train. October 8 I started a gopher yesterday. October 4 Working on a site for all the stuff that don't go on my portfolio, haven't written a single line of code for it yet, but I'm excited! July 1 The person I see the most right now is the magpie on my window sill. June 15 I finally had my chair fixed, so now I'm kinda broke. May 9 Discussed instagram profile pictures with my mom. April 23 So sad I never learned cursive writing April 16 My chair has started falling apart since I'm now using it much more. It's getting a bit uncomfortable. ======== Thanks for checking it out and the shout-out! Happy to have you!

songs on repeat

  • Aseul – Bye Bye Summer
  • Christine McVie – Love Will Show Us How
  • Jessica Pratt – This Time Around
  • The Cranberries – Dreams
  • Stevie Nicks – Bella Donna
  • Cocteau Twins – Fotzepolitic
  • Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser – All flowers in time bend towards the sun

websites i want to make

  • avocado algorithm
  • zip my life
  • everything you touch is a balloon (made it:
  • a site with really elaborate styling, but most of the css is hidden in comments
  • a perfect sized site (made it:
  • a wave simulator (made it:

favorite emoji

  • 🌸

chizra is a fan of