micro diary 01; dose; like an outline 02; transition; tired and aware of my edges; if i was good at everything i wouldn't be good at anything 03; off; nuclear hello 04; dose; shapeless vessel; neurotransmission 05; transition; slug in the rain 06; off; sun after the storm 07; dose; sunny fog 08; transition; living each day as a year 09; off; dry sweat 10; dose; fine lol 11; transition; metallic 12; off; home invasion dream; sunflood 13; dose; pastoral or chaos 14; transition; peripheral nodes awakening 15; off; blank 16; dose; fog of sleep 17; transition; nothing to note 18; off; nothing to note 19; dose; permafog; dysmorphia 20; transition; glass 21; off; clear 22; dose; clear 23; transition; delayed 24; off; outline 25; dose; processor 26; transition; clear 27; off; anxiety shell


  • Any language is a kind of blasphemy.
  • She couldn't talk about that thing out loud, for if she did, it would no longer exist.


  • passion - NTTWH - agua viva - hour of the star - breath of life

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