christina, richmond, va / previously powhatan land

23 (real feel: wise 7 yr old), she/her, material bender 3/13/2021 Today is BIG day for taking a stroll and doing taxes. I feel the spring season budding up and it gets me giddy. The baby geese that never leave, the buds on the end of branches, and the first mosquito bite have me swooning over the season. Maybe I smell opportunity in the air. Maybe this optimism is giving me fuel to do the things most people do(i.e. taxes). 11/22/2020 I went on a walk today through the park by my house and I gave offerings to the James River. I might make reflexive sculptures when I am in a space to relax outside. It's a practice I keep circling back to and it makes me feel gooood. 11/10/2020 My love for handmade goods has been reignited with an intense flame. I visited my friends' studio in the mountains of VA and everything in that place was touched by their hands. They built a pool table on wheels, a giant storage shelf for paintings, a gallery for showing work and have art everywhere. It was amazing! I might move out there with them because they are such beautiful people. 11/04/2020 I keep thinking the wet sticks on the ground are worms that have gone rogue. It's another season of trickery. There are things in me that are unlocking; maybe I am just remembering. The outer edges of the grey zone of mundane memories been resurfacing lately with great potency! It could be because I have been eating more sardines and walnuts. T-minus 1 day till I get to reconnect with old friends in Roanoke and soak in their jacuzzi under the stars **** woohoooooo

current yearnings

  • 🔲 create a website communtiy for techno-crafters
  • ✅ install "becoming silt" outside
  • 🔲 finish movie project "there are no rocks in london"
  • 🔲 trek the Camino de Santiago (when there is not a pandemic)

books i'm loosely reading

  • The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
  • Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett

gratitude list

  • my job and my rad boss
  • lovely friends
  • studio space
  • rickety, rumbly trails
  • buckwheat tea
  • supportive family
  • springtime!!!
  • frozen mangos and cool-whip
  • special fish