24 (real feel: 30), she/her material bender/forager/mender/community builder 12/16/2021 Much has changed and grown within me. This is a hard season for me since it is punctuated by the feelings of losing my mother when I was young. Though, it warms my heart to have solid friendships to lean into and a studio practice that serves as an anchor. This year I am making an effort to be more vulnerable and to let new friendships flourish. I am thankful for the people who have been in my life and those who are here in spirit. 7/27/2021 I had my first meeting for and for some reason I got giddy over the possibility of doing a carving & pickling veggies workshop! It was such a great time hanging out with friends and talking about ways to cultivate more intimate web-space experiences. Today, I am 30 min outside of Glacier National Park eating ice cream and fresh Wal-Mart cherries in a Holiday Inn. This is my first vacation with my dad, stepmom, and half-brother and it feels odd mainly because they speak Russian 80% of the time and they have their own family dynamic. We went on a beautiful hike where 3 waterfalls cascaded into a crisp blue lake. We waded through the water, gasped at the sight of chipmunks, and awed when any deer crossed our path. It was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Sitting here with my pink pools of dairy, I am reflecting on my own independence and how much I've enjoyed venturing out on my own. Maybe I'm different enough to be delusional but I like long car rides tuning through indie radio stations, daydreaming, going for morning trail runs & swims, and sleeping in my own little orange tent. Boy oh boy I remember how good that feels. 7/8/2021 I went swimming in the river after needing to expel some ocean water from my eyeballs before heading to work. I noticed a tree with a small heart carved into it that had expanded as it has aged over the past couple of years. I made a promise to myself to touch it whenever I go on my swims to remind myself that love/self-love is abundant and it is always growing. AND AND AND I am launching my craft makerspace soon! I will have my first meeting on my birthday! 🍰 yipeeeee! 🍰 Here is the link for fellow special fish out there: 3/13/2021 Today is BIG day for taking a stroll and doing taxes. I feel the spring season budding up and it gets me giddy. The baby geese that never leave, the buds on the end of branches, and the first mosquito bite have me swooning over the season. Maybe I smell opportunity in the air. Maybe this optimism is giving me fuel to do the things most people do(i.e. taxes). 11/22/2020 I went on a walk today through the park by my house and I gave offerings to the James River. I might make reflexive sculptures when I am in a space to relax outside. It's a practice I keep circling back to and it makes me feel gooood. 11/10/2020 My love for handmade goods has been reignited with an intense flame. I visited my friends' studio in the mountains of VA and everything in that place was touched by their hands. They built a pool table on wheels, a giant storage shelf for paintings, a gallery for showing work, and have art everywhere. It was amazing! I might move out there with them because they are such beautiful people. 11/04/2020 There are things in me that are unlocking; maybe I am just remembering. The outer edges of the grey zone of mundane memories have been resurfacing lately with great potency! It could be because I have been eating more sardines and walnuts. T-minus 1 day till I get to reconnect with old friends in Roanoke and soak in their jacuzzi under the stars **** woohoooooo

current yearnings

  • ✅ visit Mati in Oregon + apply for art residencies out there
  • 🔲 finish installation project "there are no rocks in london"
  • 🔲 do a residency in Detroit, MI
  • 🔲 do a residency in Iceland and in the UK
  • 🔲 go to Ukraine

books i'm loosely reading

  • Area X Series

gratitude list

  • my job and my rad boss
  • supportive & amazing friends (they have taught me how to be a better person)
  • studio space w/ a window!!!
  • morning swims in the river
  • hot chocolate with extra marshmallows
  • my loving family
  • winter
  • a comfortable home
  • life lessons that make my love for myself stronger
  • special fish
  • blossoming new friendships
  • VisArts studio access residency