richmond, va / previously powhatan land

23 (real feel: wise 7 yr old), she/her, material bender 11/22/2020 I went on a walk today through the park by my house and I gave offerings to the James River. I might make reflexive sculptures when I am in a space to relax outside. It's a practice I keep circling back to and it makes me feel gooood. 11/10/2020 My love for handmade goods has been reignited with an intense flame. I visited my friends' studio in the mountains of VA and everything in that place was touched by their hands. They built a pool table on wheels, a giant storage shelf for paintings, a gallery for showing work and have art everywhere. It was amazing! I might move out there with them because they are such beautiful people. 11/04/2020 I keep thinking the wet sticks on the ground are worms that have gone rogue. It's another season of trickery. There are things in me that are unlocking; maybe I am just remembering. The outer edges of the grey zone of mundane memories been resurfacing lately with great potency! It could be because I have been eating more sardines and walnuts. T-minus 1 day till I get to reconnect with old friends in Roanoke and soak in their jacuzzi under the stars **** woohoooooo

current yearnings

  • 🔲 create a website communtiy for techno-crafters
  • 🔲 finish movie project "there are no rocks in london"
  • 🔲 knit a headband for my petite ears
  • ✅ catch up on sleeeeeeeep
  • 🔲 trek the Camino de Santiago (when there is not a pandemic)

books i'm loosely reading

  • Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett

gratitude list

  • my job and my rad boss
  • lovely friends
  • rickety, rumbly trails
  • apple cinnamon tea
  • fire-warmth-ahhhh
  • supportive family
  • studio space
  • sound of leaves dancing across the pavement
  • crunchy persimmons
  • special fish