β€œMore often than not,” I keep saying in my head.


  • black citron; Ted talk music curator
  • value cards
  • grab bags
  • Candice Voltaire


  • rebecca
  • christine baskets
  • gene wilder
  • a bear
  • not the tv from poltergeist


  • Farriers cleaning hooves
  • Mood changing nail polish
  • Ole Munch

it hurts today

  • wait, they don't love you like i love
  • mother fucking paul
  • turning 35
  • mood ring nailpolish chippin'
  • chickens in the (our) back yard?
  • the strokes
  • i only had a small idea of the asshole that is ryan adams
  • have i always scowled this much
  • JW Francis β€” i want a poem that will remind me what to do with myself
  • the angels that i love bicker over cod guts and snapper spines
  • cooking in an infrared box off williams for a small payment of 30 dollars for 45 minutes
  • outside it is blooming, it's spring, it really really is.