These days I am: 路 Editing my sketchbooks. 路 Working on my daily diaries: 路 Drawing or thinking about drawing for so many other projects. 路 Looking for client work. 路 Selecting photographs for a zine. 锝★渐鉁.鈭欌棪*藲鈼.鉁э健.锝★渐鉁.鈭欌棪*藲鈼.鉁э健. 16/04/24 Wondering which thoughts are chemically induced and which are my own. 15/04/24 I don't think these weekly entries are working. I come here on Sunday all moody and gloomy and make it feel like my week was the worst (which is not always the case). The fact that I usually feel down on Sundays is not fair for the rest of the week. 锝★渐鉁.鈭欌棪*藲鈼.鉁э健.锝★渐鉁.鈭欌棪*藲鈼.鉁э健. Week 15, 2024 路 I spend the week anticipating next week, which means I didn't enjoy myself so much. 路 I didn't want to leave but here I am, back home, tired, sad, alone and surrounded by dirty laundry. Week 14, 2024 路 I took too many photos and although I deleted many, I captured some I really like. 路 Trying to befriend a crow. 路 Cherry blossoms and allergies. 路 Every day I ask myself: Is this going anywhere? I am doing it right? Week 13, 2024 路 I'm responsible for feeding two wood pigeons (now named Hilda and Franz). 路 I spend half of my days feeling like I'm not doing enough but on Thursday I manage to finish what I intended to do for the week and my mood improves. 路 Do you have a favorite cafe in Berlin? I need more places with good coffee where I don't feel like I have to leave the moment I finish my slightly overpriced drink. 路 I finish a new sketchbook. / I start a new sketchbook. 路 On Sunday I walk, take pictures and smell not roses, but some other flowers. Unfortunately I don't eat ice cream because there is a long line, but I will take revenge. Week 12, 2024 路 I remember that listening to music usually feels good, so I do that. 路 I don't have the same luck with reading and watching movies. Maybe next week. 路 I really enjoy drawing on paper but scanning and cleaning the originals, not so much. 路 Traveling planning takes most of my mental energy. 路 Writing these words from Berlin. It's cold, windy and rainy but I missed being here. Week 11, 2024 路 Felt bad about all sorts of things I said / didn't say, did / didn't do. 路 Felt good being aware that some of the things I felt bad about are just in my head. Then felt bad about that. 路 Failed to make any substantial progress on any of my on-going projects. 路 Made some poor eating choices. 路 Being surrounded by people with whom I share some of the same silly worries makes me feel less sad, but it makes me sad that they are also going through this. 路 Saturday became National Coffee Shop Tour day. 路 Where did my week go? Week 10, 2024 路 Felt anxious about anxiety. 路 Paid money to be told things I know I should do but fail to put into practice. 路 Made a new friend :) 路 Work-wise it was a fairly productive week. 路 I read a lot and watched a few movies, most of which I liked. 路 Saturday started quite explosively. 路 Sunday ended up hurting, but in a good way.