Brain dump 2/26/2024 CAR: Oil change for 4/24 New breaks New tires New windshield wipers Engine fluid clean out Wash the filthy thing PA/CASPA 2024: LOR DR LUM DR P DR WELSH CHONA LAURA REVISIT PERSONAL STATEMENT UPDATE RESUME APT WITH MBKU Call neighbor for eval -MBKU -Chapman -USC -KECK Misc: Clean closet reduce 25-30% Clean out three junk drawers to one Organize community trash pickup Wedding things for ally Projects for 2024 - office shots -her first ball -bottleneck -tv head and angles -Tatar tales -birds in the fridge -I was very really hungry - Heather jazz dance thing ADBLOCK BY WIGBONE PINS AND NEEDLES STAUNED GLASS SIGN UP FOR ART CLASSES AT RIOHINDO CODING CLASSES PILATES AND OTF 3-5x week