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02.06.2020 it's june 2020 and i vow to myself to keep learning and teaching and speaking out and taking action forever 26.05.2020 once you start time traveling there is no going back 21.05.2020 when i put my hair up in a ponytail i feel like it strains my eye? 18.05.2020 i love eyedrops and i smell like ambrette 9 for the most part i watched half of love exposure yesterday and thought about how the beginning said it is based on a true story... made me interested in learning more about cults listening to IU, even the thought of her calms me... my fave IU songs are friday and palette this week i have to finish editing a short personal essay i wrote for a short sfpc writing workshop i took. i've grown since i was writing that in feb (pandemic-accelerated self inquiring), so it feels uncomfortable to have to let people read that. it's about shaping your identity on the internet. i'll try my best to spin it in a way that i can hold trying to make image list so i can see the new special fish feature but i can't think of any images to put

a glossy list

  • open airpods case, it's completely clean inside, this shows that my ears are always clean
  • morning eyedrops so my eyes are always clear
  • big gulp of water, my mouth and throat are glistening
  • sitting up straight so my spine is stacked
  • splash my face with cold water, moisturize around the nose
  • crack the window slightly for some wind in the house


  • refresh tears, green opaque bottle
  • sante fx neo, black asymmetric cap, clear circle shape container with black border
  • sante pc, pink liquid pink pentagon container with pink trapezoid cap

i can put my bare hands in very hot water,

  • and my nails are always short

special people are people who understand you

  • and know why you are special, too


  • 相逢又何必相識

every time i close my eyes i stop existing

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KkMyDSrBVI