fanfare, Love Everyone is born into this world, with the potential to Love, and Be loved. Problem: No one knows what Love is anymore. It's very true that love can be mistaken, I do it all the time... Mostly because I've been in love before and it is the MOST exhilerating feeling you'll ever have. The saying 'true love doesn't end' is true.. It doesn't, thats how I know it's true love. Have you ever gone LOOKING for love? Only to was right under your nose? I've Dated and Dated...and by dated, i dont mean failed i mean ive learnd and learnd that Love doesn't go away, it NEVER leaves me's always been there...been here, with me. No matter where i go, who i see, or who i date...I know it will Never end because when you're in love, you give the person a part of you...a part of you that you can never get back... and when you've already given that part to someone... it's impossible to feel whole without them... it's impossible to love without them. Believe me...IVE TRIED, and Im a firm believer in the whole "never say never" and "nothings impossible" Hell I dont even BELIEVE in the word "impossible" day im going to scratch that word out of every dictonary! I will... Now I've always believed in fate and in destiny... but if theres one thing i believe in most, its love...No one ever has to look far for love, because you're born into're born to love you're mother and your father...then when you start to walk, you love the view of being big and invincable. When your 5 you love 'cuddles' your teddie bear,which gives you its undefying comfort which you CANT sleep without...When your 9 you love youre G.I joe's Or your Barbie dolls because when youre playing with gives you this fantasy sensation of paradise... When you're 14,and you find that boy that makes you melt with those green/blue fall in love with...him alltogether.At 16(now) About 52 boyfriends later, you realize the one you fell in love with at 14 still has your heart, so youre still in love with him...And Ill stop there because i dont believe in predicting the future... But when i do get married, I want him to share the love of my mother and my father, I want him to make me feel big and invincable. I want his undefying comfort that i cant sleep without, beside me b4 i fall asleep so that i know hes there. And If I have all that, then Ill have the fantasy sensation of paradise..only in a reality format. I want him to still... after all those years be able to melt me with his Green/Blue eyes every time he looks at me. I want him to know at whatever age we grow to be... hes had my heart since i was 14...and thats how i want it to be... because that to me.. Is what Love is... The child within everyone knows exactly what love is... its when you grow up, that you grow confused. So don't lose You're inner self:) Love, Be Loved, And Make A Differnce! ~!*IMPORTANT*!~ The most important thing to me is to put yourself #1, because if you don't then how do you expect to take care of other people? You need to take care of yourself:Physically,Mentally,Spiritually,and Emotionally before you can help take care of other people. Don't be ashamed to put yourself first, because if your falling apart and your friend REALLY needs your help, and ur either dieing or emotionally hurt ect... you can't help your friend out, So really by not taking care of yourself your just hurting everyone close to you that you love. Your Number One! :) XoXo SEX Don't have sex till youre ATLEAST 50! Sex Is BAD!! Too Many Risks! Birth Controll! Condoms!! Omg, How much shit do we honestly hear from people, family, media, ect... about HOW and WHEN to have sex. It's YOUR opinion, It's YOUR choice ( just like everything else you do is your choice) when your ready! No magazine, or family member can tell you when your ready. When your ready youll know, its your body... its ur choice if you wanna go and 'sleep around' fuck... its your choice... If you wanna cheat on ur g/f or b/f (NOT Recommended) Its your choice NO ONE Can stop you... No one can stop you from youre choices, Just MAKE SURE... Its the RIGHT choice :P!

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