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*--------* | June | *--------* --- I played "your wings my wings" (Visual Novel) It was good... very pretty... ...I feel like everytime I engage with this kind of art, ...I feel an immediate drive to appropriate part of it ...as a mirror or a representation of my own experience, ...Or who I am or who could I be ......Because I would be so beautiful ......And It would be so simple...... In my way I just have to boss through it with the conviction that it is not my heart, it's the only cure... I'm going to a rave tonight (normally) I hope it'll be fun --- I made a castella cake and ate it whole in two days → Consequence: i put on weight.................. *-------* | May | *-------* --- I've been checking out Kirara freebies on seiga as I procrastinate. Here are my thoughts about some of them! " You're gross so I like you. " The title had me intrigued... Now I get it... I feel a little bad about it, but I kept wanting to know what happens next. There are more twists than one would expect, so it gets very entertaining. It's supposed to be a subversion of the genre so I can't really get mad over how weird it gets. It gets pretty weird though! " This Gender-Ambiguous Assassin Is Too Cute! " The title explains everything. It's just a classic Kirara comic about things being cute. It's absolutely harmless, so much so that I didn't even feel That bad finding it nice (which is rare). " Nullmeta: Archetype " Nullmeta... For years I've been stuck in the process of admitting I like this manga. Some things in it are indefensible. I have no excuse. It crosses the line multiple times. Liking it probably makes me a bad person. And yet, and yet... If you want me to explain why I like nullmeta In details just ask me, I'll do it. I'll do it. --- [List of Cold Visions Lyrics] *-------* | April | *-------* I went to a big park today (Parc des Sceaux) to see the cherry blossoms which were mostly gone, because it's been cold and rainy But i still saw a lot of people cosplaying, which I always find nice I mean I don't go to cons or things like that but having a group that goes normal person, normal person, hu tao, normal person carry out daily life activities is very amusing to me I've been... cataloguing... on are.na/esther-ciq1mpwzmfi/lucky-star-jiewicygl0q Sometimes I think about how cool it would be if those clothes were real but its a pain to put into production l countryside - White flowers bloom - Drop rain grass - Cows ducks unconcerned I, sheep encouragingly baaed I truly simple the world. felt an giving voice dsi Nichijou. Normal *-------* | March | *-------* Birds in rain, Fish in heaven Sitting in the parc because it is sunny outside like a normal person… yup nothing strange here… this a normal thing to do i am enjoying the ground in a normal way The weather affects us more than we would like to admit


  • in a group of friends in a mall, which soft drink would you be
  • digging a large hole on a beach and having a pinic in there
  • getting on the train and not leaving until you have too
  • having a picnic in an urban area
  • holding hands, jumping into the sky
  • Filming a stupid video that doesn't make any sense
  • wearing similar clothes || wearing each others clothes || wearing Coordinately contrasting clothes
  • having a picnic anywhere
  • singing badly to a song you respectively hate and love
  • nothing at all
  • Helvetica & 5:4 ratio & Digicams

List of Band Names

  • European moe
  • Truest Wish
  • Casual Girly
  • Forever Lucky
  • Genuinely
  • Final Cute
  • Smith College Boys
  • Killer Weekend
  • Male Yuri Fans
  • Alt Girl Tutorial
  • Wife

List of Girl Names

  • Esther
  • Clover
  • Ashley
  • Abigail
  • Constanze
  • Hope
  • [Any name based on a Month, Day, Time or Season]
  • Judy
  • Holly
  • Lucy
  • Dawn
  • Sonya....

Morning curses

  • itll always take 1h to prepare (30mins for breakfast / 30 mins for the rest)
  • can be less but only if i set things up in advance (== move time to previous evening)
  • ill always not find something when im looking for it (mittens, headphones)
  • ill forget to check if i closed the doors/windows and have to climb back the stairs 30% of the time

Things to watch / read / do *AFTER* finals

  • <s>dungeon meshi</s> DONE
  • yuru camp s3
  • lain.... (been saying this for 5years)
  • listen to yuri online discography
  • get through 完全マスターN3 (文法)
  • chart of "everything is connected" about the music scene
  • send a lot of postcrossing cards
  • Translate plenty
  • work....
  • get drivers license....