I've been thinking about my name. I think I don't want people to see it anymore, but what do I replace it with? Who am I? --- 🕊️ --- ¶ Thinking about: the united states college gastronomic experience / « fall »… amazing it is called like that they just made an observation / what bladee means to the people & what i tried to describe as 'gilbert&gill energy' / how I could be so much more in touch with some of these instagram post if i had chosen different paths


  • in a group of friends in a mall, which soft drink would you be
  • digging a large hole on a beach and having a pinic in there
  • getting on the train and not leaving until you have too
  • having a picnic in an urban area
  • holding hands, jumping into the sky
  • Filming a stupid video that doesn't make any sense
  • wearing similar clothes || wearing each others clothes || wearing Coordinately contrasting clothes
  • having a picnic anywhere
  • singing badly to a song you respectively hate and love
  • nothing at all
  • Helvetica & 5:4 ratio & Digicams

List of Band Names

  • Male Yuri Fans
  • European moe
  • Killer Weekend
  • Casual Girly
  • Truest Wish
  • Forever Lucky
  • Genuinely
  • Smith College Boys
  • Wife

List of Girl Names

  • Esther
  • Ashley
  • Abigail
  • Constanze
  • Hope
  • Sunday
  • Judy
  • Holly
  • Lucy
  • Gwendolyn
  • Sonya....