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*--------* | WINTER | *--------* Intimacy??? ~ And yet, and yet... *--------* | FALL | *--------* I've been living fall more than I've lived anything. I am trying to experience every day of fall weather as a godsend, as being totally immersed in a fictional world where i have a role to play. I saw a bit of madoka mayozumi's direct talk where she said she worked in paris for two years and it made her feel real bad because people weren't respecting the form at all, and that made me feel a little sad so i've been trying to write haiku properly... they are not very good: 久しぶり - hi sa shi bu ri - it's been a while since 学校へ行く - ga k ko u e i ku - i went to school 暁闇に - gyo u a n ni - before dawn 何区でも - na n ku de mo - whichever ward 今なっている - i ma na t te i ru - its now becoming 秋葉原 - a ki ha ba ra - a field of fall leaves 泥紅葉 - do ro mo ji mi - muddy leaves 雨でびしょびしょ - a me de bi sho bi sho - soaked with rain 急滑る - kyu u su be ru - i suddenly slip 脆い風 - mo ro i ka ze - weak wind ニャン子のように - nya n ko no yo u ni - like a kitten 葉を捕る - ha wo to ru - catches a leaf ------- ¶ I've been thinking about my name. I think I don't want people to see it anymore, but what do I replace it with? Who am I? ¶ 🕊️ ¶ Thinking about: the united states college gastronomic experience / « fall »… amazing it is called like that they just made an observation / what bladee means to the people & what i tried to describe as 'gilbert&gill energy' / how I could be so much more in touch with some of these instagram post if i had chosen different paths


  • in a group of friends in a mall, which soft drink would you be
  • digging a large hole on a beach and having a pinic in there
  • getting on the train and not leaving until you have too
  • having a picnic in an urban area
  • holding hands, jumping into the sky
  • Filming a stupid video that doesn't make any sense
  • wearing similar clothes || wearing each others clothes || wearing Coordinately contrasting clothes
  • having a picnic anywhere
  • singing badly to a song you respectively hate and love
  • nothing at all
  • Helvetica & 5:4 ratio & Digicams

List of Band Names

  • Male Yuri Fans
  • European moe
  • Killer Weekend
  • Casual Girly
  • Truest Wish
  • Forever Lucky
  • Genuinely
  • Final Cute
  • Smith College Boys
  • Wife

List of Girl Names

  • Esther
  • Ashley
  • Abigail
  • Constanze
  • Hope
  • Sunday
  • Judy
  • Holly
  • Lucy
  • Gwendolyn
  • Dawn
  • Sonya....