Sunday, June 2nd, 2024 9:55 am It's a grey morning. My cupboards are nearly empty. Money has always been tight, but this week is bad and my roommates and I have decided we are not above going to the food bank. Today will be our first trip. I have so much homework to do, and work tonight. These are all concrete things. This is the world without whimsy, the one that I see when I am so tired that my eyes must remain closed. But there is another world that I live in often, one with birds and bugs that greet my by name in their own way, and trees that call out to be climbed, where I can sit and listen to them weave long and wending tales, and where strange old ladies wave from the windows of strange old buildings, and children laugh in the streets. I'll try to go there at some point today. I never want to stay away for too long. But first, the concrete things. -Joan ♡

Real and True Things

  • Laughter
  • Trees, awesome and wonderful
  • Snails
  • Rows and flows of angel hair, icecream castles in the air, feather canyons everywhere
  • Strange old ladies (me one day)
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Making things
  • Overgrown lawns
  • Fixing things
  • Hugging your friends
  • Orchards
  • Dandelion fluff