apr 4, can't go hiking anymore. electrical towers look so sci-fi taking edibles a lot, listening to wavves a lot, sad i cant skate. cut my hair a little bit too mar 18, feeling the weight of inertia mar 16, i have to pee bye mar 15, anyway I'm god mar 13, reminiscing about the last time i was happy.. it was over a period of 3-4 months almost 2 years ago now. life isn’t that bad but it’s the constant yearning for better times that makes everything seem so unworthy. always waiting for the future for as long as i can remember

sublime pleasures

  • sunlight, basking in it, feeling it warm you, watching the sun rise and dip
  • the first sign of warmth signaling the end of winter
  • early morning walks alone guided by the moon
  • hot wind through car windows on a long drive through an unfamiliar landscape
  • creating a beautiful atmosphere/moment for yourself and thoroughly enjoying it
  • true solitude

simple pleasures

  • eating an orange. eating fresh fruit
  • chocolate milk
  • jumping on a trampoline
  • seeing the stars
  • snow days
  • stretching


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i feel alive in so few moments

  • so rare and special i can taste them
  • invigorating me still..
  • years past but these times are timeless
  • soothes me like a lullaby
  • -
  • the truth of memory is that it keeps me alive