❀ user seeking cozy internet space ❀ TH-03-19-2020 wrists feel better today! may become a streamer. stay tuned. ❀ W-03-18-2020 trying to figure out "ergonomics." my life during self-quarantine is now entirely based around learning to deal with rsi. animal crossing is coming out in 2 days though and I'm v excited! ❀ T-03-17-2020 had a slow morning – ate breakfast, participated in a livestream yoga session with my roommates, and made some milk tea. these last few days, I've been keeping up with rsi treatment – have been doing ice baths for my wrists, stretches and physical exercises, and minimizing my typing/scrolling/device usage. it is definitely helping, but I worry I'm not doing enough. I had the thought that I'd like to stream, or write more during this period of self-quarantine, or create a space for a small community of friends to gather and share thoughts.


  • sunny, but a bit chilly
  • lots of rain
  • the sun is back!
  • sunny
  • sunny again