Chicago IL

a pyramid and a [insert] walk into a cube in need of: glass cup to cover me and paper shoved under my feet; to be carried outside also lots of pink soap please\\ When I squint my eyes I can see all the little creatures swimming around can you? I am an adult im a full-grown person and I base my identity on the things I see/learn/know I wish I could draw the things I see around me I hate when the vape juice gets on my lips and cheeks I think if I didn't have skin I would sting What does it mean to be opaque within this required transparency to be legitimate to displace reduction

♥Wishing You an AMAZING Birthday filled with ♥LOVE♥ and all things G✿✿D!♥•*¨`*•.

  • fight vs nice
  • smash vs gentle
  • stinky vs scrub
  • growl vs buzz&purr


  • idk it just sometimes feels rlly terrible to love something so touchable by life&death

people who hate my guts

  • Katherine Chauza
  • Luke Harper
  • Michael Bardwell
  • Bailey (she's knows who she is)
  • Assistant principal and head of student affairs, Cedric Barret
  • Astronomy teacher, Irish misogynist and human robot Michael McShane
  • Chicago State Police Officer Joe Mommy's Boy Parker badge id # 17669