frustrated designer/musician programmer (in disguise) contact: hakke@cock.li (obviously not my personal email) fish poem: ~~~~~~~~~~ fishes round the lake confused by the trade when the lake turns down will they still confuse around? tiny blog: ~ill try to update this when i can~ 02/07 - my friend who went missing for a few hours came back to home at 12:34 AM, i felt so relieved

songs i love

  • https://vektroid.bandcamp.com/track/sick-panic-first-mix
  • http://amnesiascanner.bandcamp.com/track/as-aca-feat-lalita
  • https://youtu.be/7_B0own27U0

books i love

  • 1983, george orwell
  • 100 years of solitude, gabriel garcía márquez
  • a type primer, john kane

movies i love

  • spirited away, hayao miyazaki
  • the end of evangelion, hideaki anno
  • la la land, damien chazelle

my links

  • https://twitter.com/hakke_test
  • https://soundcloud.com/hakke0110

what about the real "håkke"

  • i suck at socialization
  • i love winter, and hate summer
  • i've never visited another country

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