( ̄ρ ̄)..zzZZ learning piano just finished reading death in her hands

what i am drinking right now

  • june 17 3:29pm starbucks double shot energy vanilla flavored my rating: 4/10
  • november 10 11:36am coffee i made at home french press style with hazel nut and chobani vanilla oat milk 6/10
  • december 13 9:37am 12oz redbull i love redbull 10/10

lets talk !

  • cuteprettysmartfunnygirl@gmail.com


  • june 2 i had so many but remember nothing
  • june 3 i was at a dance shop buying pointe shoes
  • june 5 i was giving a presentation at school but i wasnt sure what the presentation was about so i kept giggling into the microphone while several people brought me flowers
  • june 7 nightmare
  • june 9 i was in space trying to hold my breath but i was breathing in cosmic poisons
  • june 11 melatonin freak dreams
  • november 10 no dreams bc i had to pee TWICE in the night
  • november 11 pete davidson wanted to get matching calico critters with me

things i need every day

  • iced coffee
  • my phone
  • giving my cat so many head kisses
  • some peace to myself