my fashion page the way ppl talk about their music influences i grew up listening to hannah montana looking up to bratz doll, wanting that energy being so stoked about 2010 unif and bitchingandjunkfood still highkey very stoked about that wave 90s 2000s club groove and just head bop uh i luv all the styles as long as they got the flow // vixen choker ribbed tank top mini skirt fishnet knee highs printed mesh socks dust tabis .. margiela style padded down bottle bag .. i hope my crush notices me - the clothes i love but not currently wearing or outgrowing .. clothes for my archive - screenshot of text "My main style influences right now are CDG 1996-1997 and Neopets foods." - art and fashion and graffiti and skating >:) - thinking about cream crocs with the band in either yellow or orange .. sunflower or tangerine - binge reading all the davide sorrenti articles wanna be real, authentic, good feel like the 90s in 2020 fallen angels wong kar wai heroin chic movies moody cinematic style - video game hair went hard final fantasy cloud .. the runescape hairstyles lol - 27 , today, was two vibes i had yung lean + cream pants + huerco s socks + bell hat + 2 bridges tote light summer energy yoga master and then in the evening after i showered well i wore this outfit already well my energy was my attitude it was flowing love, appreciating beauty (smiling) - tomboy but soft colors, gaussian curve -= salvador dali mustache appreciation - my style in words 22 - This is how i see myself on instagram. The cool guy who does his own thing and doesnt give a fuck 20 - sry im hot 19 - sry im cute 19 - light angel anti emo 18 - techno comme des garcons 17 - IBS vibes 17 - earthy sunburning (17 - levitating) 15 - adorable 14 - secure awkward funny 12 - disillusionment tao lin chic