HEY I'm mikki, a digiverse-trawler & onlinester. I'm currently based on the couch, where I'm writing this sentence. Previously, I was at the table, and before that, in bed. Anyway, it's been great running into you here. _______________ OBSERVATORY ETC 08.22 the world is mutable and malleable &, with slowness, can be adapted or adapted to. food 4 action 08.18 seeking book recs thinking about renegotiating the terms of daily existence towards a more open way of being. rider list: used-up microns, propagation (literally and figuratively), tickets to telluride, the will to exercise. thinking, also, about making some overtures on here in search of pen pals & recs & recipes 08.14 seeking poetry recs seeking recs for practicing relational artists seeking internet pals seeking used bicycle, drop handles seeking not seeking

Best textures

  • lichen
  • pond algae
  • last scraps of wheatpaste poster
  • tostitos bag interior
  • egg crate
  • ferry's interior wall

songs about robot sex

  • dopplereffekt, plastiphilia 2
  • ecco2k, sugar & diesel
  • pedestrian tactics, matingcall.exe
  • kraftwerk, computer love
  • geotheory, broken heartdrive
  • actress, fantasynth
  • kraftwerk, sex object
  • little snake, user1111333
  • schake, cybernetic seduction
  • bjarki, (.)_(.)
  • alex jann, computoid.transmission.x