[01/04/2020] now that quarantines have been extended i rly need to find more stuff to do. made some plans for jamming via discord tmrw with a friend and to play dnd thru discord on friday. i spent more time on my portfolio site and if all goes well it will be up and running somewhere tomorrow! webdev is kinda fun [31/03/2020] its official, the quarantines must continue until the 28th of april. schools are out for longer, at least until the next vacation. all the days are starting to blend together... made some progress on jaxxons.house, gonna do more tmrw [30/03/2020] the government says theyre doing another press conference tomorrow regarding the existing measures covid19 has forced us to take. some kid got arrested right outside my apt., probably for standing too close to other ppl. what weird times ee live in... finished up some music stuff, sent out an email to routenote & did some mixing. i stayed up late working on my portfolio site that im quite happy with so far (jaxxons.house), will work on it again tomorrow. programming is nice [29/03/2020] a lazy day. all i did was watch seinfeld and hang out on discord all day. still havent painted. started to build jaxxon.neocities.org. [28/03/2020] i managed to get gold 3* on all cups in the grand prix section after about a week which on one hand is great, but on the other means im gonna need something else to do during this quarantine. am slowly starting to put together another ambient record, still havent heard anything back from routenote yet on the most recent one i hope that gets sorted out soon. [27/03/2020] finally started the enrolment process for my new school. its in rotterdam, the commute is about 5 mins longer than my current school which is great. also the new Bud Heavy single came out (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csk_7o2dF2k). i played bass & did the cover art for this track, i reckon it came out pretty gud [26/03/2020] celebrated a friends birthday through discord today. the power of the internet allowed us to have a party without us all having to be physically present in the same room. we played d&d, drawful 2 & some other browser games together. great fun. i should paint tomorrow [25/03/2020] did some cleaning around the house today, and some groceries too. its weirdly scary to go outside lmao, like theres an ominous sense of dread in the air. weird. also started talking to dani (https://www.special.fish/bloop), she seems really nice and i would like to get to know her better ! always fun meeting new ppl online [24/03/2020] national news channels are now saying that schools will most likely remain closed post 6th of april, unsurprisingly. ive been grinding mk8 deluxe to get gold 3* on 200cc mirrored and am abt halfway there, hopefully gonna get there soon. found a nice lil corner of the internet for some self help stuff while in quarantine on here (https://special.fish/bloop), which is rly cool! gonna paint tomorrow (◕ᴗ◕✿) [23/03/2020] more corona updates. gatherings of 3 or more people are suspended until june 1st, and non-compliers will be fined. they also said that schools will reopen on the 6th of april regardless, which is odd. other than that nothing significant happened today. kinds felt like a waste, a freebie. sometimes those days are good [22/03/2020] finalized the ambient project, uploaded everything to routenote, should be out sometime soon. gonna try to either head into town to look for a 1/4 inch cable tmrw or see if i can irder one online. probably the second one. and also groceries [21/03/2020] woke up super late today. didnt get in the way of productivity tho, got that metal thing i made on the 14th coming out soon (@heavybudheavy on ig) & crossed some stuff off my personal to-do list. made more ambient too. prob gonna have to actually leave the house tomorrow. we'll see [20/03/2020] i woke up early today for a group meeting, which ended up being for nothing since i was the only one who showed up. also went to utrecht to jam with some new ppl, prob is not gonna happen again. not in the same formation anyways. spent some more time on music, made some art for a future project which im very happy about. have been thinking about totoro alot. furry boy [19/03/2020] wrote some new songs today. got some rly cool ambient drones in the works. also watched my neighbor totoro, which was very wholesome & very pretty. totoro is an absolute UNIT and i wanna ride the cat bus. soft [18/03/2020] spent a large portion of today on discord, got some pretty cool e-mail addresses: i own jaxxon_a@protonmail.com; jaxxon@gmx.com; jaxxon@countermail.com (for another week or so); and jaxxon@tutamail.com. i also copped jaxxons.house with the help of my friend reid (https://special.fish/reid), which currently redirects to my main page on here. gonna try to turn it into my portfolio site in the v near future. someone also mentioned i could potentially use it for the @jaxxons_warehouse stuff i was doing on instagram a while back, i essentially was using that account to sell a bunch of my old clothes to friends & acquaintances for absurdly cheap prices. might look into that, assuming the crises have all blown over before a year has passed. had nice talks with both of my roommates today. i connected my friend who was looking for someone to talk to in chinese (he's not a native speaker and wanted additional training) with one of my roomies who was looking for someone to converse with in chinese as well. decided i will most definitely be purchasing doom eternal once it releases on the switch, which apparently isnt on march 20th for some reason? also finally sifter through a massive collection of multi-audio ghibli movies & turned them all into just japanese audio (which saved me 20+ gb). im not sick yet and hopefully it will stay that way [17/03/2020] went back to my apt in the hague today. brought some more canvases to work on soon. i spent most of today in discord voice chats talking to my friends, stayed up wayyyyy too late playing skribbl.io (which is incredibly fun btw). got some good feedback & tips on photography stuff, always appreciate that greatly. nice [16/03/2020] the first full day of self-quarantine. there was an additional announcement that all coffeeshops are to be reopened, since dealers were racking up their prices. the netherlands is a pretty cool country i gotta say. gonna head back to the hague tomorrow & be quarantined there. did a lot of music digging today, found some really cool ambient stuff & other extremely obscure sad music. i should make a playlist or something soon, ive got so much time. oh and i ripped a ton of ghibli movies so i def am planning on watching those very soon. have got some of my own ambient stuff in the works too, might drop a project pretty soon who knows. good night [15/03/2020] final product was not bad tbh. still cant stop thinking about pankun and james that show is incredible, would highly recommend (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaJ1YxwrYnBhC3M1NavsLnzizcCiXnTnC) today our government announced that all restaurants, cafes, & other misc shops would be closed from 6pm today until the 6th of april. coffeeshops (or weed dispensaries for non dutch ppl) are among those misc shops, which meant that everyone flocked to those in an effort to get their 5g for the upcoming quarantine month. saw some absurdly long lines, incredible what ppl would do for their weed here lmao. went on a lil late night nostalgia trip & made a list of all the ghibli movies im still trying to watch during this time. [14/03/2020] metal was supposed to be made in schagen today, which turned out to be more of a weird experimental thing if anything. still cool tho. hung out with some friends while watching this weird show about a monkey and a dog doing a bunch of mundane human tasks, dubbed in chinese, called pankun and james. spending the night here in schagen, prob gonna make more music tomorrow. im shattered [13/03/2020] i went to go check out the local supermarket with this whole corona vacation (as i have dubbed it) going on. decided it would be that time again to go to alkmaar. got some good insights from a good friend, which was very helpful. tomorrow im going to schagen to make metal so thatll be fun [12/03/2020] today i finalized a school project with my group. it was kind of a pain to work on so im glad its over for now. watched spirited away for the first time, def gonna look into more studio ghibli stuff bc it was absolutely incredible. also that whole corona thing happened today meaning no more school until april 1st. fuck yeah. worried, but still, vacation is always welcome had a really nice discord group therapy session abt some recent stuff which was v nice. im glad to have ppl to talk to


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