hi machine man monday email: iamthesuperstarwatcher@gmail.com I want to eat crystals like candy they look so tasty and would break all my teeth 2 snacks in one I want to sleep for ever and ever. But before I crawl under my covers with my teeth unbrushed and body uncleansed, I want my thoughts to sink to the bottom of the ocean on the floor bed of the sea. My teeth will rot in my sleep and fall off. I will wake up with none, empty gums, all tongue and bad breath. Breath that’s so warm and hot it hurts! Mouth stink sting, let’s go swimming

love 2

  • veins as branches
  • echinacea
  • the new year
  • feather airy goodness
  • liking
  • are you stretching?

i like (deer)

  • deerhunter
  • deerhoof
  • #3
  • lefthanded


  • hausu
  • faye wong
  • muse
  • #4
  • nam june paik


  • anniversary is everyday
  • hardly knowing anything, knowing hardly
  • perception master #1
  • watching the rocks travel and move