hello universe manifesting into the void: - i trust myself and my feelings - i am worthy, capable, and welcoming of new experiences and feelings - i deserve to feel happy and loved - i create my own destiny and with that comes power and purpose - although i don't know where the future leads, i trust that i am headed in the right direction - i am so thankful for all that i have been given/blessed by/created and will continue to feel grateful for everything that comes my way i never thought i would make it this far -- typing that makes me want to cry, but it is the truth -- and that means i want to appreciate all good that comes my way sometimes life feels hopeless and this is to remind myself that i have so much to look forward to and appreciate in my life these are things i need to work on: - my sense of self - what do i need and what do i want -> the ability to differentiate the two - focus on making myself better, not others worse - that might only make sense in my head but basically i need to stop being such a gemini i guess im only saying all this to keep myself accountable also, maybe someone else in the void has similar experiences i am not alone

im feeling hopeful

  • optimistic
  • light
  • and most of all
  • in love
  • :*