13 Syllables

13 Syllables 13 Syllables is a poem and daily conversation between a fisherman's friend(Kitty) and a poet(Decky). They are also a daughter and father. 7th March 2024 D - Thursday morning reflection, ‘Is it a poem?’ seeps in. K - Yesterday was everything I had hoped it would be. 8th March 2024 K - Thinking of our boy today and toasting cloudless skies. D - If it ain't broke, don’t try to fix it with more vague words. 9th March 2024 D - Men with odd shaped balls chasing our dreams around a field K - Refs’ decisions eclipse voters’ choices. Life moves on. 10th March 2024 D - Without her we wouldn’t be here so let’s cherish her. K - Cautious pubs close their doors to mules, Maughans and mothers 11th March 2024 K - Cillian flying the flag for carpet introverts. D - Unexpectedly, Fashion City raised strands of hope 12th March 2024 D - ‘Bird’ flew the flag selflessly through two and a half years K - “I will never ever stop swooning over Paddy”. 13th March 2024 K - Stay Away Faye strayed so far away that she seemed lost. D - Rediscovering, exploring, an old friend returns. 14th March 2024 K - Housekeeping is harder for unexpected house guests D - I have inserted myself here as Dec for today 15th March 2024 K - Contemplating Icelandic syllables such as…’B-jork’? D - Barry Can’t Swim but he might have surfaced a breakthrough 16th March 2024 K - Pen to paper and thumb to keys, wait for me to start. D - Thirteen syllables is not near enough to tell you 17th March 2024 D - It turns out Barry CAN swim all the way to Cabra. K - Today’s forecast feels bright in my head and in my heart.