i want to favorite you all and i find myself bothered by lack of timestamps... craving temporal context and i wonder why. thoughts on chronology? importance of chronology, maybe? i dont know how i got here... i tried to retrace my steps to find the place or link that landed me here but i cant remember. is anyone out there? is this active anymore?

perfect website for my list-loving OCD

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the color of my profile square

  • is the color of my favorite nail polish that i am wearing right now
  • used to be the color of the Lex app... best cyan/magenta/yellow/white/black color scheme ever

the social life of small urban spaces - whyte - 1988


  • https://www.are.na/share/rLnSvkg
  • https://sacred.display.cz/prayer
  • https://www.vads.ac.uk/digital/search