I'm trapped in a moniker fragmented by 17-day cycles Perpetually type-casting the machinations of my mind Thursday, Apr 18, 24 My dreams are tormenting There are nearly too many faces that I meet It was never like this. I learned that the faces are ones I have seen before - Nothing I can fabricate in a dream state Nearly able to remember particular writing I always lose grip on them when I wake Tactfulness that's what I need before the depression decides to set in Friday, Apr 5, 24 I must be forgetting something. I have this feeling I can't shake. No, it's not my college application, I know about that - I've been putting it off. Could that be it?! There is a sickening feeling as everyone is scrambling. The lunar-solar eclipse is the talk of the town. This town? My down. My brother sent a vinyl with a card. The occasion none. But a reminder to not stress, as the small stuff, are well, small. Friday, Mar 15, 24 I wonder what it would take for things to fall into place. Would I recognize when that has happened? Or would the place I am in life completely different from the place I was when the wonder arose. Does destiny and place intertwine? And will I be okay and in place to receive and accept the nurture of nature place. Missing letters and building blocks of a place I dream of. In a palace someplace in place. ᝰ*ੈ ⟡‧₊࿐ ...at best sharing the First Five songs every Friday ❦

Outfit 3D whole life CG

  • Learning to want you was just what I needed
  • 3 things you take to a deserted island?
  • The moment is passing, passed
  • Everybody's story is different.

First Five Friday, Mar 15, 24

  • Recoil — Missing Piece (5:31) ❦
  • Radiohead — Fake Plastic Trees (4:50)
  • Puracane — Shouldn't Be Here (6:27) ❦
  • Ama Lou — Silence (3:27) á´±
  • Tinashe — Talk To Me Nice (3:49)

First Five Friday, Feb 23, 24

  • Lenny Ibizarre — Boy On The Rock (5:03)
  • Imogen Heap — Hide and Seek (4:28) ❦
  • Sega Bodega — U Got The Fever (3:41) á´±
  • Dublex Inc. — Tango Forte - original (5:13) ❦
  • Lil Silva — Making Sense (3:53)

First Five Friday, Feb 16, 24

  • The Japanese House — Marika Is Sleeping (3:03)
  • Marie Madeline — Swimming Pool (5:26)
  • Haich Ber Na — They Miss The Old Me (3:18) á´±
  • Lone — Coincidences (3:35) ❦
  • Stone Temple Pilots — Wicked Garden (4:05)