I WANT REAL 자유 i never go to the doctor i caved and got a psychiatrist appointment i wish i had done that 4 years ago i am now mourning \ / \ / i want to do sooo many things i want to get serious but i want to dilly dally go hike a mountain go here and there enter some rooms but im so useless when it comes to satisfying my life cravings. i say no to my thoughts, hopefully wenlafaxine will help with that if not then whats a girl to do.........................

chakras blocked

  • stomach
  • creativity
  • concentration
  • serotonin secretion
  • knee ligaments
  • career

places ive travelled to in 2023/2024

  • spain
  • korea
  • netherlands
  • sri lanka
  • portugal
  • poland

things i need to do

  • create a pistachio raspberry wedding cake
  • move out from barcelona or start to like it
  • survive in barcelona til may
  • find a masters program
  • find out if my diagnosis is based on adhd or personality disorder
  • --> fix it
  • swallow this cashew thats stuck in my throat
  • leave the spongebob life behind and get a drivers license