santa monica

11-20-20 . no longer changing sky colors. no longer logging in so often - but now that I'm here I'm glad to see the fishies still swimming. update; I left my discord server, let it rise into the sky like letting go of a kite. (invite link removed). actually I logged off almost completely for the remainder of the summer, and dove head first into music. my new project will be called CL Oak, and I will have two songs released hopefully next year. 7-26-20 . sky is a luminescent pearly white, the marine layer is almost gone so I can see the sunlight reflecting on the last of the fog. up early today and took a hike up in the hills where we watched the fog from above moving along the canyons. after a shower, breakfast is a scramble with bell peppers and broccoli, with a side of tomato and avo - I log into special fish 7-24-20 . sky is a lightest gray with a small hint of blue. after thinking of it further, I don't want to command a conceptual use of this site, I think it works much better to float around gently without much purpose like a.. fish.. so the vow has become looser still, but I'll still play the color game. having coffee and excited to go on a morning bike ride update, 7-23-20. I might use this site intentionally at certain times and make a loose vow to come on when the sky is an interesting color, changing my SF color to match to best of ability. maybe a small note on that day or that moment. right now it's a deep denim blue - L 7-23-20 just poking around. glug glug I like it here.. hi all - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - >>> about me (temporarily here until I run out of space): i grew up and live in southern california. i have a day job that I enjoy for 14 years now, working for a utility company. i drive the forklift and keep the yard organized . beep beep. my nickname at work is rabbit. outside of work, I like biking around the beach or hiking in the hills. at home, I listen to music and also work on my own music but don't have anything on line yet. happy to join the fishies

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