tiny wobbly spirals

8 (130421) achieved the goal of only washing my hair once a week 7 (110421) a little bit chaotic.... trying to go down along the roots of things & hoping to find treasure. (+ lots of ANGER today!!!!! nice feeling) assume that you know & stay ignorant... or open up & welcome a beautiful thrill into your life.... the keywords are: courage + curiosity 6 (070421) half-solitary spaced out day 5 (060421) so many nice little things happening every day that i no longer have any idea about time and what happened when. also my thoughts are being replaced by random rap verses half of the time received a psychic message from my ex via dreams along with some pictures and random items. also dreamt about old stuff - castles, soft wood and bricks (coming to terms with the fact that i can't escape being a retrospective little nerd) 4 (040421) had a long walk today. letting your ears to guide you is a good practice. the sharpness of sunlight made everything seem simulated. i collected some sounds & then took a nap which resulted in hyperrealistic-half-dream-half-fantasy. kinda feel like becoming a spiritual healer..... 3 (010421) i only felt nice things today (except for a slight belly ache) 2 (310321) today's theme: absurd. i travelled by train, grabbed a coffee, pet a dog, put a little heart in my pocket & went back. then came across my friends by chance - we ate chocolate & nectarines and talked (in the sun by the water). my pupils were dilated from eye drops and i felt like a new born baby (taking in too much at once) i view words as the ultimate truth too often - all necessarily real and final. i give them too little space to play and wander + be something else than true. i remembered my dream again last night 1 (300321) underneath the exhaustion i am filled with amazing energy. feeling invincible and sleepy. thinking about how my handwriting reflects the fact that my thoughts are chaotic and never preserved well enough in my mind. careful writing means thinking more..... and remembering dreamt about paintings last night - something about oil paint not being transparent enough

cool objects of the moment

  • bus tickets
  • buckwheat tea

to do

  • exercise dreaming

words i feel right now


nice things happening

  • (general moment of appreciation)
  • every object seems beautiful
  • waking dreams

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