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what is your favorite place to see a color? please let me know: https://www.are.na/leila-k/favorite-place-to-see-a-color 2/15/2020 protest against the north brooklyn dirty gas pipeline on 9am-11am this saturday 2/15. if you live in bushwick u will be sipping on ever more poisoned air if we dont stop this thing! national grid is raising OUR rates to pay for this UNNEEDED and DANGEROUS, unneeded bc it wont even service our community+they are just building it to make money for their rich stakeholders, dangerous bc dirty gas pipelines leak and explode and I LIVE IN THE GODDAMN EVACUATION ZONE, plus methane is 100X worse for the climate than CO2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/655415794998487/ https://www.saneenergy.org/nonbkpipeline 4/22/2020 also please take off work april 22nd if u r able. earth day strike. gonna be the biggest one yet. yall know that statistic that if 3.5% of the population agrees w something then change happens? lets do ittttt. we need to mobilize in a major way and continue to provide the nuance that is needed so this isnt some western green capitalism bullshit

things i'm doing for the first time

  • dance to at least 1 song every day
  • communicating my feelings/conflicts as they arise
  • public art :0

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