ch-ch-cherish your q.i.h.

06.30.2020 caught a 'darling' at da quill the blips misalign unlovingly, i chew my thumb 06.29.2020 dusty mail beckon for replies i would love, very much absolutely love, to, in the ripe months of fall (maybe bordering on winter), slide my palm against the cool stone of the bench seat, to remove the sparse, dead flickerings, in order to provide you with a place where you might be able to, for a moment, situate yourself crossing out the tiny handwriting in one's assignment book

talking reduced to one-on-one

  • losing touch with how to talk
  • strength: talking in forms long, planned out, and un-punchy
  • strength: talking with months-long pauses in between
  • once buried, so strong
  • once gone, so strong ^_~

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  • [music]: ♫ playlists from 2017; uh-uh, not sure why ♫

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