Some days I'm a leaf. Other days I'm an island. The best nap I ever took was on a sunny day in a park in Madrid. ~* 2.08.20 *~ This weekend I saw two beautiful things: ~ a broken window on the sidewalk ~ a sheet of ice on a rock melting with water droplets like tadpoles I also just finished a candle, made a curry, and completed some work. ~* 2.24.20 *~ Two images from this weekend: A.) A trophy store with a prominently displayed clock... really love this but I don't know why they decided to do it. Perhaps a community service like a town clock? Or maybe some allegory for sports, victory, and marking memorable moments in time? B.) I smelled spring for the first time this weekend, and the light is becoming stronger : )

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  • on earth we're briefly gorgeous
  • hidden life of trees (currently reading)
  • trick mirror (currently reading)
  • my year of rest and relaxation

movies that made me emotional

  • fantastic fungi
  • ash is purest white



a poem I recently enjoyed, my favorite months, movie queue

  • Rain in winter— / unhappy pine tree / longs for snow
  • april, october, january, june
  • playtime, yiyi, taipei story, t̵h̵e̵ ̵b̵e̵a̵c̵h̵e̵s̵ ̵o̵f̵ ̵a̵g̵n̵e̵s̵, Reminiscences of a journey to Lithuania, born in flames, ̵a̵ ̵t̵o̵u̵c̵h̵ ̵o̵f̵ ̵s̵i̵n̵, mountains may depart

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