Some days I'm a leaf. Other days I'm an pebble. The best nap I ever took was on a sunny day in a park in Madrid. -.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.- ~*~ 9.5.22 *~ three small updates: - I came across this youtube channel I really enjoyed - I almost stepped on a rattlesnake last week : O - I found two bark scorpions on separate occasions in my apartment within the last week D: ready for this heat wave to be over :O' ~* 3.21.22 *~ happy spring! @elliott gave rest notes a nice seasonal coat of paint : ) Other updates... ethiopian kale plant bolted !! I think the nights have been too cool still, I luckily have another one going that I'll get planted soon. ~* 3.18.22 *~ 🌱 📬 ~* 1.27.22 *~ Wow, it's been a minute! Sorry for the long pause. Where should I even begin.. maybe today I'll introduce my ethiopian kale plant: 'til next time! ~* 2.08.20 *~ This weekend I saw two beautiful things: ~ a broken window on the sidewalk ~ a sheet of ice on a rock melting with water droplets like tadpoles I also just finished a candle, made a curry, and completed some work. ~* 2.24.20 *~ Two images from this weekend: A.) A trophy store with a prominently displayed clock... really love this but I don't know why they decided to do it. Perhaps a community service like a town clock? Or maybe some allegory for sports, victory, and marking memorable moments in time? B.) I smelled spring for the first time this weekend, and the light is becoming stronger : ) ~* 2.29.20 *~ An image and a video from this weekend: A + B.) I hiked in a snowy forest in Vermont on a day that only exists every 4 years ~ it felt like an appropriately special way to mark it. ~* 3.07.20 *~ Two images from this past weekend: A.) A note by Christina Kim from an exhibition of Boro textiles at Japan Society. I want to take better notes. B.) Time is money : ) ~* 3.16.20 *~ Two images from this past weekend: A.) trying not to feel too isolated while isolating myself B.) =^.^= ~* 3.23.20 *~ Three images from this weekend: A.) Working on a bread resource for friends: lmk if you'd like me to send you some starter! email: B.) More sunbeam naps C.) Limited time outdoors but still finding beautiful scenes : ) ~* 4.7.20 *~ Two images of the same thing from this weekend: A., B.) Two images side by side displaying a fingerprint left on a leaf. ~* 8.1.20 *~ Two images from this weekend's garlic harvest : ) ~* 8.19.20 *~ This weekend I went for a hike in Vermont (again) and I saw some beautiful mushrooms: A log full of oyster mushrooms This cute mushroom aptly named Stump Puffball A destroying angel (!!!) a deadly mushroom and the bad card in one of my favorite games, Morels ( @skwak ah excited for you to try bread making, lmk if you have any questions !

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