offical fish

🐚 May 16, 2020 🐟 ----------------- hi there, you probably noticed that the fish got some updates today. heres what's new... PROFILES -------- * extra lists and now you can reorder them. * mentions ~ when you mention a user e.g. @mackerel it will show up in their /username/mentions. its a simple way to keep in touch over the fish. * add more favorites and feature a few on your profile. SUBSCRIPTION ------------ it takes a lot of time to maintain and build special fish so i'm introducing a paid tier. this $3/month tier will give you more lists, favorites, download options, and a special badge. subscribe here: note: for those that are already subscribed to my patreon, you will still be on the paid tier, but if you want to have the option of pausing your subscription, feel free to switch over. thank you for all the support so far! GENERAL ------- * i added some pages for logs ( and lists ( these are still coming together but you can try them out for now. * login sessions should last longer. * got a little better ;-) * i added a new terms of use page! still a wip (and if you have any suggestions, please let me know) i'd like to keep things transparent and might do a cost break down of the service at some point too. swim on, @elliott