offical fish

🐚 May 16, 2020 🐟 ----------------- hi there, you probably noticed that the fish got some updates today. heres what's new... PROFILES -------- * extra lists and now you can reorder them. * mentions ~ when you mention a user e.g. @mackerel it will show up in their /username/mentions. its a simple way to keep in touch over the fish. * add more favorites and feature a few on your profile. GENERAL ------- * i added some pages for logs ( and lists ( these are still coming together but you can try them out for now. * login sessions should last longer. * got a little better ;-) * i added a new terms of use page! still a wip (and if you have any suggestions, please let me know) i'd like to keep things transparent and might do a cost break down of the service at some point too. swim on, @elliott