I don't know what this website is-- I be checking it out.

Today in February

  • I woke up and cut my hair
  • I drank half a cup of I coffee brewed in a glass jar
  • I went to play D&D with some friends
  • It snowed outside
  • I came home and did laundry
  • I cooked jasmine rice

Books I'm tryna read

  • The Bible, King James Version: slowly working my way thru Genesis now... Jacob was a bastard.
  • Shakespeare's Life and Death of King Richard the Second: I think there are some good speeches in this.
  • John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress: journey of a man seeking salvation, dragging himself thru swamps and such.

Today in April

  • I found myself wanting to join an RPG server
  • set in Victorian England. We'd exchange messages
  • back and forth. I'd be a scullery maid, of course,
  • and spend all of my time cooking and cleaning
  • and looking longingly out the window
  • to the gardens.

Surprising facts

  • I started recycling: collecting my jars, cans, and numbered plastics.
  • I recently developed mild tinnitus... I don't know why!
  • Any name I see in a dream I will google in the morning.
  • I've found nothing yet.
  • There is no David Moon.
  • There is no Hannah Foxe.