/ Public Spaces / "There is no such thing as no such thing" says air we walk between Public spaces bring faces covering up their own face with other faces Expressions of congestion Floating over sidewalks which trace places like mazes And all the people Aces with phrases, whitening teeth treatments, and smiles, Won’t save us Because these public spaces have private properties Spewing segregated homilies, birth lottery, mob meta totality, rent fallacy In a dream I met an oracle working as a city planner With big eyes the color of all and no pupils He, delicate, he: one of the many great designers of our universe, pushed me down the hallway in a shopping cart Anyways, we are food for the foodies Dull moods for moodies Smoking ideas off dried leaf We loot And drink tea Amazon is cutting down trees and Apple is cutting up suicide nets We all sit on park benches and watch the videos And busy ourselves in cube among cube And sin in stores for charity