https://pastebin.com/EhJ1hiW8 https://pastebin.com/Xn3BzKx1 call me a simpleton but that early morning partying outside feeling.. to be completely real with u i think having fun is my thing..or maybe music is??? sunset at this club or that is all i need to keep on living tbh ! also my bike & i truly believe in this as a valid lifestyle got that adderall brain uhm uhm uhm wish i could put you up my nose..... i want to be a techno dj& beatboxer ..with a cool beat and a funky slowed down sample... love short dirty nails (on myself) if u make assumptions abt me..thats on u u bring banality&rawness thats so exotic to me.. but is also a part of me love life overall and love myself .. hope to do that with u i am sprężynka lets see whats new.. im in love.. i find a lot of ppl very attractive...biking is enabling me to be alive..& i think im growing! i have a serious phobia of being a tradwife trying to be a better supporter of alone culture Anything stated above NOT relatable anymore, at least not for the most part, depressed&love makes me want to vomit want to write a cookbook titled: meals from my dreams (had a dream about apple cream onion sauce last night) ur the definition of my insatiability, sometimes i feel so much closer to you and so much happier when ur away..contact only brings pain and reminds me of everything ur never gonna fulfill how many more times can i deal with bottomless emotional stupidity .. how much longer can i push away the thought that its impossible for me to build a healthy bond with you? we are so fucking incompatible sometimes i just wish you'd let me walk away from this. the truth is the greatest gifts i get from u are anger & depression yes im staying true to myself while on my period. what if i feel like i need to change constantly bc i want to please others??
  • https://timecube.2enp.com/
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYdNHajdW8o